This page is a log of my experience setting up the Raspberry Pi as a standalone embedded device.

My target is to create an embedded wireless device.  To do this I am attempting to create a wireless and headless embedded server.  Using GPIO pins I will interface to the real-world and using WiFi wireless connectivity will enable real-time control and upload of stored data etc.   Key requirements


– Wireless solution : The device must run free of data and power cables.  Therefore WiFi and battery operation is a must.

– Simple access to interact and control.  Suggest that clients access via a browser on laptop or mobile phone.

– Interface to digital; and analog devices using the GPIO, SPI and I2C interfaces.

To achieve the above I will :-

– Install a WiFi adapter, provide battery power pack

– Build interface hardware

– Install Web Server ( Apache or equivalent),  FTP (PureFTP or equivalent)

– Develop Code – in my case I am mostly Java Developer so most code (some pre-existing) will ve written in Java with low=level interface cod developed using C/C++ in conjunction with JNI.

The Plan is broadly

Week 1 – Setup Raspi with standard image , ensure it is operating as per WiKi and then install software required for project e.g FTP Server, WebServer, Java JDK, WiFi

Weeks 2-3 – Install WiFi adapter, build hardware and prove interfaces

Week  4-5- Start Main Application port of existing code form old Tini (Java) project

Week 5+ Continue with Application Development

Current Status

GPIO Expansion Board PCB complete and working,  now writing code using Java, JNI and some hacked C from the Wiki.


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